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  1. I have to give you credit. I thought of staring at a white screen while attempting to articulate into words the same things you are writing.

    I have two daughters within the Spectrum, one mild, one more severe. The oldest just struggled her way through the 1st grade (as I read Timothy did as well; Grats dude) and we kept the youngest out of kindergarten to allow her to go through an Early Intervention Program, but that year is almost over so I see kindergarten as a new challenge we are to face.
    Its nice to read that my emotions aren't unique. The humility ASD has taught me, and the strength it gave me as well. The looks from people who 'don't understand' bounce off now, to an extent. The worry of the next phone call from the teacher, or the curiosity of whether or not I have 'that kid'.
    Your '10 Things it has taught you' chart is crazy accurate. Thanks for sharing all you have. I'm currently in the middle of a vicious meltdown where objects are being thrown past me, I hope they don't knock my coffee on my keyboard as I write this.


  2. I sincerely love your blog. Thank you for sharing your highs and lows of dealing with a special needs child. I just read a blog that I think you will appreciate, and I want to share it with you:

  3. Thanks guys for your comments.
    Yes my writing is pretty real and pretty raw. I don't sugarcoat that's for sure.
    Please keep reading and I'll keep writing! Don't forget to share your thoughts with me too:)

  4. Today I read this article:

    It brought me to tears, remembering all the hurts and slights my autistic spectrum son and I suffered over the years. On a deep level, sadly from personal experience, I understand all the hurt you and Timothy have suffered over the years. Saddest of all, the abuse was not limited to children, but inflicted by adult relatives and even teachers, not always as overtly as by children, but there nonetheless.

    I grieved for my son's lost childhood.

    I want to tell you that my son will be turning 26 in a few months. He graduated from University of Toronto's computer science program with a major in mathematics. Google snatched him up and he is making a ton of money. His goal in life is to be indistinguishable from "normal."

    There is hope. It is a developmental problem and they do improve.

    All the best, Janet Jeanpierre

  5. I have a 23 Year old son Tony who has limited talking and is autistic plus. He is very sensitive to large groups and popping he hates it. We got him a pair of headphones used when shooting a gun. They were made to help illuminate those noises that drive some crazy. Tony hates popping. Now we are able to celebrate 4th of July.

  6. Read the story about your son being invited to his friend's birthday - and the willingness of that friend's family to help make it a great time for your son.

    God bless you and them! /jim

  7. Love the stories. Hope I can do the same with my blog.

    1. Good to see another dad in the mix!




    Read this here and was so happy to hear how your little man was included. I would have done the same thing for your son had he been in my little guys class. I say this not to be the "hero" but to say that there are many people out there that would be happy to "make it work" and inclusive. While my little guy Collyn hasn't been diagnosed with anything more than a speech delay. He was very behind and without the great backup of the team that I got in place to get him to level worked hard to get there. There are times he doesn't do crowds well still and times that he has issues but I still find it amazing to me when others include him with his minor needs. So reading this I was so happy to hear about this and I was also grateful to hear you sharing your journey. I am sure it cant be all easy to do, and it can't be fun at times either. You are an inspiration to all. In sharing your and Timothy's story I hope it not only makes you both stronger but also helps those without the ability to voice their story to be stronger as a result of your efforts. Very well done! I applaud you and all you have done and will do for your son. Eric J. Paquin aka physco219

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