Doubts be gone~ pleasantly surprised

I stopped expecting the worst
 and decided months ago to make my own(our) happiness a reality....  For Timothy, for my girls and for myself.

A few weeks ago proof of this came to realization with a small but mighty birthday invitation.  

The pessimist in me thought, it will never work, it will be an epic failure just like all of the other times we tried....instead I decided we needed to try again.  I am no quitter and want to instill those same values in my kids with every waking breath in my body.

 So, I swallowed my doubts and RSVP"d a "hell yes" to Carter"s Mom, Ainsley.

I am constantly amazed and perplexed with autism.  Often taken aback....once again I am proven wrong about what I think my son can and cannot do.  When I think I"ve figured him out, he does something so unexpected and out of the blue that makes
 my heart sing with pride.

Timothy recognized Carter right away and ran right into the inflatable minecraft castle.  It almost took my breath away how easily he fit in.  I had to stop for a minute and reflect on how this could have gone and immediately felt guilty.  How many invites have I declined over the years?  Have I done my son a disservice?  Perhaps.  I'm not one to live in the past however, and moving forward I will continue to keep trying to be the best Mother I can to my children in all aspects of their lives.

                                      Thank you Ainsley and Co for inspiring change in others!


Motherhood does not come with a handbook unfortunately and neither does Autism.
Gee wouldn't that be nice if it did?

I think what I can take from this is that we did try.  Sometimes its not gonna work.  Sometimes it will.  The point is not to give up.  Not ever.  Stop thinking can't and think can.

 May not be today, or tomorrow....but eventually they can....and will...

This life of ours is not all roses and I don't want you to read this and think it is.  Timothy has moderate to severe autism.  A learning disability.  However, I choose to focus on the positive because if you dwell on the negative you will drown in a sea of darkness and that ain't good for anyone.

                              So please take these words for what they are and just keep swimming. 

                                                                          Love Trish.


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