Spring where are you? Bueller?

I think we are all a bit stir crazy here at Casa de Rhynold.  Tired of waiting out the snow, cold and ice.  Timothy is dying to get outside, and when time allows he does…unless he is wearing only his boots and a diaper like yesterday!  Time to put the two by four in the door so he can’t open it.  The girls are feeling it also- bugging to do this and that.  They know the rules; right now its gotta be cheap or free.  We are heading on our annual trek to Florida next month so money is being saved for that.  Since you asked, yes we drive.  Have you checked the cost of airfare x 5 lately?! 

But really we are scared to fly.  Five words.  Timothy in an enclosed aircraft!  With people everywhere and no safe and quiet place to calm we are terrified.  He has just worked up to sitting about thirty seconds on the carpet at school after two years.  Medicate him?  I’d love to except for the fact that he won’t take anything by mouth and eats very little.  Last time we tried to put tylenol in his milk he quit drinking milk for a week because of the taste.

So drive we will.  Hoping for a little less screaming this year. (Praying daily!)  Twenty four hours in the car with a screamer, not exactly my dream vacation you’d think…its pretty close though.  I love these people I call family.  All year long we look forward to this drive because it means no appointments for Timothy.  A break from therapy.  A break from work…seeing the husband more than just in passing (although by the end of it all we want to kill each other) for weeks at a time.


This year we will try to take Timothy to Universal Studios.  Its the first time we will attempt taking him to such a busy park with such a hefty price tag (almost $700 USD).  Eek!    The fact that he may melt down and we have to leave hasn’t escaped me.  But that is a possibility for us when we go anywhere really…so usually we don’t go.  We need to change that.  Life doesn’t stop with autism.  It just moves a little slower.


Love Trish.

PS- On the card front: Mr Timothy has received THIRTY THREE cards so far!  Two packages and one custom t-shirt!  Getting the mail is cause for excitement around this place lately and the girls come home every day asking to check the mail. 

Thank you all so very much.  It means the world to us!


PPS- We are holding an event on May 24, 2014 to raise funds for Autism @ 16 Morrel St in Brantford ON.  Please join us!

Link to event: https://www.facebook.com/events/624321130988155/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

Some thanks

The cards are coming, and even though I asked for them, I still can’t believe the love pouring by mail, message and text.


Couldn’t have done it without your help.  THANK YOU.

Something else really cool happened today.  Ready?  The boy ate with a spoon. He ate an entire cup of applesauce without being spoon fed today- something we have been working on for months, possibly years.  Pretty cool, right?!  I think so.


Please continue to share my card thread-lets keep it going!

Love Trish.


What’s a birthday anyway?

He doesn’t know.  He will be SIX years old this year and has never known what his birthday is or the meaning behind it.   Never tasted a birthday cake.  Never had, or been to a birthday party with “friends”. With every coming year, I vow, this one will be different, he will “get it”.  Timothy will be SIX on April 15, 2014.  I want this one to be different.

So here is what I”m going to do.  I want this post to go viral.  As big and as far as I can get it.  I want this sweet little boy to FEEL it, TOUCH it, SMELL it.  Please help me by sharing, re-blogging, re-posting whatever you can do, please do it.


I am asking, hoping, praying and begging y’all reading to please send him a note or a birthday card.  The cost of a stamp.  I can’t offer anything to you in return, except karma.  GOOD, GREAT and AMAZINGLY wonderful karma for taking the time to do this for him.  Because this is what its all about.


TIMOTHY~ 48 Hollinrake ave, Brantford ON, N3T 0B6

Love T.


The “R” word

I’ll admit, I’ve said it.  More than once.

When I was a kid we used to make fun of those kids that were, you know..different.  “Slow.” When Timothy received his diagnosis I immediately thought, well, this is what I get.  Its karma.  God’s twisted sense of humour.  For a long time, I felt guilty. 

Its difficult to grasp, until the vines of such a thing snake around your heart.  Until its your kid. Cause it hurts like hell.

Last weekend we were at a McDonald’s with a play place while Casey was at a birthday party.  Timothy was enjoying the climbers while Skylar and I had a bite to eat.  I could hear his screeches and funny noises through the glass.  His happy shrieks.  He was busy flapping at a plastic toy attached to the structure.  Two women were sitting inside.  I noticed them cringing, and then one leaned over to the other and whispered in her friends ear.  She pointed at Timothy.  My blood began to boil.  I walked in through the glass   partition.  I smiled sweetly at them both.  And then I said hello to my son.  When I turned on my heel to go back to my seat, I could feel their eyes on me.  Point made.  They left shortly after.

I figure that my purpose in life is not only to re-program myself, but to teach others about acceptance.  Because you see, getting angry isn’t enough.  Being the difference IS.  Be the change you want to see.  Inspire others to change.