My kid rides the short bus

As we all get pummelled with ads for back to school, I”m sure I’m not alone when I say how much I”m looking forward to the return of the short bus.  I am always puzzled when other Moms say,  I will miss them too much, I want them home all the time!  Then it comes to me.  Aha!  You must have normal kids!  The kind you can take to McDonalds and on play dates and its fun, not stressful.

There is no struggle to keep them occupied, and not in the way you think I mean.  I mean the constant monitoring of doors, lest he escape cause he has absolutely no sense of danger.  I mean the trips to therapy where I have to pull over to the side of the road because he is beating the living crap out of my other children.  I mean the ongoing destruction of my home that we can’t keep up with from his rages.  I mean feeling like a prisoner in my own home.  I can’t take my kids to the park or beach like other Moms.  Not without a second adult to help when Timothy has a meltdown and gets violent.

So don’t look at me like that, (yes you) for hating summer vacation.  Back to school means routine and a break for parents with special needs.  If getting through summer on caffeine and the skin of my teeth makes me a bad parent then so be it.  I will willingly lend you my shoes, please I implore you.  Walk in them before you judge me.

So when that short bus rolls up to my driveway in a few weeks, yes I will be celebrating with my big mug of coffee.  Cause as much as I love the boy, its ok to need a break….heck he probably wants a break from me too.

Tricia Rhynold's photo.

Love Trish