This is our "normal"

~Trying to be positive all the time gets annoying. 

There, I said it.  Inhale. Exhale

Some common questions I would like to set the record straight to.

"I don't know how you do it".
What I say: Well, you know......(but you don't........)
What I want to say:  Yeah me neither.

"He will grow out of it, right?"
What I say:  We don't know
What I want to say:  God I hope so, but I know he won't.

"How do you manage"
What I say:  I do my best
What I want to say: I drink wine.  Often.

"Autism.  All the kids have that now".
What I say:  1 in 68.
What I want to say:  I don't want to be in the "in crowd".

"Wow, what's wrong with him"
What I say: Nothing at all.  He's perfect.
What I want to say:  Nothing at all.  He's perfect.

"Cool, so like rain man?"
What I say: No.  All autistics are different.
What I want to say: You're wearing a track suit, so you're a track star? 

"So does he go to like, a regular school like regular kids?"
What I say: Yes, with regular kids cause well, he's a kid.
What I want to say:  Are you serious?

So friends.....  My life is not exactly like a box of chocolates........well maybe I can make the connection.  Assuming you dislike the taste of the one cherry covered chocolate in the box, or maybe its the cream filled, pick one.  Children are like a box of chocolates.  You never know which one you're gonna get........(Thank you Forrest Gump) could be the yummy caramel (the kid who is really good at soccer) or it could be the almond (the social butterfly of the box) or you could get what I chose, the cherry covered chocolate. 

 Its an acquired taste I have grown to love more and more each day.

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