My top five tips to get through the holidays with sanity intact~


Its that time of year again….Christmas decorations, family and friends…jam packed malls and parades…people in your personal space….a sensory sensitive child’s nightmare! (and their parents)

Run!  Hide if you can and bury your head in the turkey’s behind if you must…or read about my tried and true tips learned through sweat, tears and trial and error.

5)  Breathe.  Its thirty days, you can do almost anything for thirty days if you have to.

4)  Use the small doses rule.  Short bursts of Christmas/people/noise a day.  One hour is usually the max before the boy’s ready to implode (me too).

3.5)  Wine or specially infused egg nog!

3)  Introduce pictures of the holiday type creatures and characters weeks in advance.  Preparation people!  Its worth the time.

2)  Be aware of the 5 senses~ you child will be hypersensitive so be flexible.  If you don’t sit on Santa’s knee this year, oh well….the elves look scary or weird who cares…Grandpa’s breath stinks….you get where I’m going here.

1.5)  There's always next year.................

1)  Your Christmas is your Christmas is your Christmas.  There is no right or wrong way to celebrate the holidays.  They will be what you make of them.  So make them happy whatever you end up doing.



tHe BoOk Of TiMoThY bLoG


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