I am just me.

I am a Mom of three, tired, frustrated sometimes funny……I am just ME.  I live in AWE(tism) of my wee boy Timothy.

Life is never dull, often screaming, crying and meltdowns in the back ground,

How do you do it, you say, you must be SUPER human you say!  All I can do is reply,  I am just me.

Its not easy, its not, having Timbit distraught, over something so mundane, so simple to us neuroTYPS-

A sock that feels so unright, a shirt collar too tight, that he throws his body to the floor and becomes UNHINGED once more….

God gave me three blessings, perhaps one in disguise;

To teach me to live life each day to the fullest, find beauty where others cannot see,

To slow down and appreciate,

I am just me. I am a Mom of three, tired, frustrated sometimes funny……I am just ME. 


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  1. I have only read up to this post so far and I can assure you that I will read every single one but before I do I just though I would write a comment to you (although I am unsure if you will see this as its a little while ago.) Right I will get to the point.

    You are an amazing mother and an amazing family. The posts you write on here are the most inspiring I have ever read. You are so humbling in what you write. Children are the best gift ever and I'm not a mum so I can not ever comprehend what it is like I only have experience of my nieces and working with children so I know it is no where near, but just by people (myself included) you give an insight to how strong you are as a mum and as a whole family. Skylar, Casey and Timothy are bless to have such a supporting family just as you are to have each one of them :). I will now leave and I honestly can not put into words what I am really trying to say, I can only hope that what I have wrote gets across the way I intend it to and no offense is caused.