If you’ve met one, you’ve met them all..

Kids on the spectrum that is. “Oh yeah, I met a kid with autism once. He grew out of it.”(so you know alll about autism right. Please school me) Or how about, “its trendy” or “He just needs more discipline”. “He just lets his sisters talk for him, its third child syndrome”. If I nod my head politely, will you stop talking now? “Oh, but he looks like a regular kid!” (autistic children are all hideously ugly deformed creatures, didn’t you know)

My Timothy is a 5 year old boy. He plays like a little boy, and looks like a little boy. (cuter than most, but hey, its Mom talking here). While I’m writing this, I picture Pinocchio-“hey I’m a real boy!” hahaha.

So here’s the difference. My son has an entirely different view of the world. He feels and sees differently. Does he know love? You betcha. His smile can light up a room and make even the most hardened heart warm. He seems to struggle with the in-between feelings mostly….anger, sadness, hurt, frustration.

Is he challenging? You bet. But is he worth every single second of this life and a blessing in disguise……without hesitation yes. I think life would be pretty boring without him.

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